Introduction to AI & Human Rights

Skills4Good Responsible AI Program

In this course, we’ll discuss how AI impacts individual human rights, in both positive and negative ways. We’ll discuss why the human rights legal framework is crucial for achieving Responsible AI and algorithmic accountability.

We’ll also discuss the inherent limitations of AI that cause risks to human rights. To see how AI impacts human rights in different life scenarios, we’ll consider 5 use cases involving human resources, healthcare, finance, education and criminal justice.

Course Outline

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    Introduction to AI & Human Rights

    • Module 1: AI Impacts on Human Rights

    • Module 2: Intro to Human Rights

    • Module 3: Business and Human Rights

    • Module 4A - Human Rights vs Ethics, Part 1

    • Module 4B - Human Rights vs Ethics, Part 2

    • Module 5: Limitations of AI

    • Module 6: Use Case 1, AI in HR Recruitment

    • Module 7: Use Case 2, AI in Healthcare

    • Module 8: Use Case 3, AI in Financial Services

    • Module 9: Use Case 4, AI in Education

    • Module 10: Use Case 5, AI in Government

    • Module 11: Responsible AI & Algorithmic Impact Assessments

    • Module 12: Recap of AI & Human Rights

    • Final Quiz

    • Course Completion Survey

Meet Your Instructor

Josephine Yam, J.D., LLM., MA Philosophy (AI Ethics)

AI Lawyer, AI Ethicist, Skills4Good CEO

Josephine Yam is CEO & Co-Founder of She is also an AI lawyer, AI ethicist and passionate advocate of equity, diversity and inclusion. She graduated from Stanford University's Executive Leadership Program. Josephine also completed her Master of Laws (LLM) degree at the University of Calgary. She recently completed her Master of Arts in Philosophy specializing in AI Ethics from the University of Guelph. Josephine is one of the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awardees. She is also a recipient of the Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World Award in London, UK. Prior to Skills4Good, Josephine acquired enriched knowledge and experience as lawyer with a global law firms practicing IT/IP law, Senior Legal Counsel with the government’s Justice Department and CEO of an environmental law charity. Her personal website is


  • Who is the Responsible AI Program designed for?

    It was created for professionals who currently use big data and AI systems in their daily work, or will do so in the near future. The Program covers the technical, ethical, legal and societal impacts of AI development. This program provides a foundational understanding as to what constitutes Responsible AI including baseline awareness of risks and limitations associated with AI systems. It will enable individuals to operationalize ethical AI considerations in their daily work. This Program does not require an individual to have a computer science or technical background in order to take the courses.

  • Can I buy the courses individually?

    Yes, you may buy an individual course if you wish to focus exclusively on a specific topic. However, we highly recommend that you purchase the 3 courses comprising the Responsible AI Program if you wish to acquire a rich, multi-disciplinary perspective of Responsible AI’s various facets. In this way, you will learn how AI uniquely impacts society from the viewpoints of technology, philosophy, ethics and law.

  • When will I have access to the course?

    Once you enrol in the course, you’ll have immediate access to the course.

  • How much time do I need?

    The Responsible AI Program is comprised of 3 self-guided online courses that you can take at your own pace anytime and anywhere. We designed the lessons in short segments so that you can take each program module in ten minutes or less. It will take about 3.5 hours to complete the Program. Each course will take about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.

  • How long can I access the course?

    You can access the course for 180 days from the date of your enrolment in the course. If you do not earn your course completion certificate within 180 days, your registration will expire and you will need to pay to re-enrol for the course.

  • What is the refund or cancellation policy?

    You can request a full refund or cancellation up to 7 calendar days after confirmation of your paid enrolment, provided you have not started any lesson in the course or Program. After 7 days, if you have already started a lesson, you will not be entitled to any refund or cancellation from Skills4Good.

  • What is your copyright policy?

    You can review our copyright policy through this link:

  • Do I receive a certificate of completion?

    Yes. After you complete the course, you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion for the course.